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QAaaS (QA As A Service)

Even the best designed software products fail if there are bugs. Quality related issues have even more impact in the data and analytics context. That’s why testing and Quality Assurance (QA) become vital. To ensure that your data quality as well as software application quality is top class, we have a set of QA experts. Our QA experts are holistically trained on the ‘data’ angle of QA.

We help customers establish Testing Centre of Excellence and also provide independent validation and verification services. Our automation frameworks, RPA solutions and multi device capabilities ensure that your software is top quality.






TCoE Setup And Outsourcing

With our turnkey QA solutions, you can trust us to handle all aspects of quality assurance for your product.

Cross Browser Automation Framework

Makes certain that each new build has undergone thorough browser testing. Relax, it’s automatic.

RPA Testing

Utilize robotic process automation (RPA) testing to automate routine manual verification operations.

Mobile App Automation

Specially built automated testing technique for Mobile Apps. You don’t need to manually check.

Test Data Management Automation

The greatest data quality is ensured by end-to-end test data management utilising the most recent automated approaches.