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Software Development


Software Development

Web application helps businesses to target and reach potential and existing customers easily and quickly. Web applications play an important role in making several online transactions possible in today’s digital era.
Propel your business using effective web applications – achieve your business objective faste.

Front-end Development

We can build single-page web apps with the reusable and component-driven architecture of React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js

Back-end Development

We use microservices architecture to achieve scalability, services like AWS and Azure to host the backend and SQL and NoSQL databases to store and fetch data reliably.

Custom Web Application

We develop custom web apps that ensure compatibility, scalability and usability, ensuring consistent user experiences across the different devices and browsers.


We develop Microservices and act as an extended development team to reduce time to market. Shifting from monolithic software architecture to microservices allows scalability and highly effective plug and play architecture.

Application Development Process

Agile Development

  • Milestone based delivery
  • Each Milestone contains detail demo able output
  • Deliveries divided into Milestone for better clarity

Continuous Integration

  • Test Driven Development
  • Pull request and code review
  • Optimize Pipeline speed

Continuous Delivery

  • Acceptance test
  • Deploy to Staging
  • Deploy to Production
  • Smoke Test

Continuous Testing

  • Test Automation
  • Selenium

Technologies We Work On


React.js | Vue.js | JavaScript | Angular.js


Node.js | Express.js

Project Management

Jira | Trello

Mobile App

Swift | Ionic | React.native | Flutter |


MongoDB | CouchDB | MySQL | IPFS


AWS | Google Cloud


Kubernetes | Terraforms | Jenkins | Vagrant | Docker | Puppet